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Advances in digital recording technology are providing users with tremendous power and flexibility for increasingly less money. All too often, however, the audio quality of these systems is limited by their input stages. Many users who demand the power and flexibility of today's recording technology find themselves yearning for the warmth and tone of yesteryear's hand-built analog circuitry. Now with the release of the 6176, Universal Audio, for the first time, combines their highly acclaimed 610 tube microphone preamp with their legendary 1176LN compressor to create the ultimate single channel signal path for everything from vocals to vibraphones.

• Classic Sound of the Legendary 610 Modular Console 
• Variable Input Gain and Output Levels 
• Ultra Quiet Operation 
• Mic, Balanced Line, and Hi-Z Inputs 
• Multiple Impedance Settings 
• Classic EQ 
• Classic 1176LN Compression 
• Stereo Interconnection via 1176-SA 
• Use Mic Pre & Compressor Separately ("Split") or in Series ("Join")

Universal Audio 6176 Channel Strip

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