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Bundle comprised of 2 plugins . Smart:EQ 2 & Smart:compressor 2. Smart: EQ 2 uses revolutionary learning ability to correct tonal imbalances using its A.I Filter. Also includes M/S capabilities, streamlined interface and instrument profiles. Intelligent A.I. EQ plug in with LR/MS feature . Intuitive smart learning feature. 20 profiles for different sound states. Adjustable frequency range of smart filter. Mid Side feature. smart:comp is the latest addition to the product line of A.I. powered plug-ins by sonible. This unique spectro-dynamic compressor finds the parameters for well-balanced compression results in just a few seconds. Through frequency-selective processing, smart:comp also ensures unparalleled transparency. With this multidimensional approach, compression has evolved to the next level. The plug-in is the synergy of intelligently enhanced time-domain compression and trailblazing spectral compression. Behind the user-friendly and intuitive interface runs the smart:engine – an A.I.-based, content-aware system designed on the basis of psychoacoustic principles as well as extensive hands-on mixing experience. The time-domain compressor recommends the most appropriate settings for threshold, ratio, attack and release with a single click, as the spectral compression dynamically keeps an eye on the tonal balance of the input signal.

Sonible smart:bundle