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Reason is a powerful collection of virtual instruments, effects, and production tools where musical ideas and amazing sounds come to life.

New in Reason 12:

A new look, a new size and new Rack devices for creative sample manipulation, Reason 12 is all about leveling up the creative potential at the heart of your music-making experience. The brand new Mimic Creative Sampler approaches sample manipulation as a musical reimagining of audio samples that can be both inventive and even fun! Bringing together the best audio technologies from Reason Studios' history of groundbreaking DSP and sample-slicing, Mimic includes automatic transient slice detection which easily chops up a sample into individual notes or drum beats. Time-stretching samples can be done using Reason's legendary stretch algorithm, along with new granular and tape modes to explore.

High Resolution Graphics and Scalable Window

• ALL Reason Rack devices are now in glorious high resolution

• Every 3rd party Rack Extension add-on ever made now supports high-resolution graphics now

• Reason scales automatically to fit your own monitor's resolution and pixel density

• Change the zoom level manually to make the Reason window smaller or GIANT to fit your own taste

Mimic Creative Sampler

• Mimic is Reason's brand new premium instrument for creative sample manipulation

• Advanced time-stretch and pitch-shift algorithms

• Experiment with granular synthesis controls

• Automatic transient slice detection chops up samples for fast sample juggling and flipping

• Onboard filters and effects geared specifically for adding color, grit, and character to your samples

All New Combinator

• Reason's Combinator has been updated for highly customizable front panel designs

• Combine instruments, effects, and modular devices inside the Combinator however you like

• Use the new Editor to design custom front panels with your own layout of knobs, buttons, faders, and graphics

• Combinators can now include other Combinators inside

• Updated Combinator programming features make customized macro controls, and the sounds that enable more advanced, powerful, and inspiring

Improved Browser

• Reason's browser has been updated for instant search results while you type

• Search results categorized, showing devices, presets, samples, folders, etc.

• Search the current folder in or all locations at once now

Virtual Studio Rack

At the heart of Reason is a virtual rack where you craft your own sound using Reason's synthesizers, drum machines, machines, samplers, and other organic instruments–along with a large collection of audio and MIDI effects to shape both your sound and even the notes you play on your keyboard.

The Rack is a musical playground. Drag an instrument device into the Rack and start playing immediately. Add devices underneath your instrument like audio effects and everything is automatically


Reason 12 Full Edition DAW/Plugin

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