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The SWDI is the first 2 channel direct box made specifically to be pedalboard friendly.


Engineered for Pedalboards!

The SWDI is the first 2 channel direct box made specifically to be pedalboard friendly.  Parallel In and Thru 1/4 inch jacks on either side for A channel and B channel. Send the signal into either side and out the other.

The XLR output jacks and the Ground Lift switch are top mounted for easy access and quick connection at the gig. We have eliminated the lip that most stereo DIs employ so that you can mount it on your pedalboard and the 1/4 inch jacks are spaced evenly to allow the use of pancake  or regular right angle plugs for a tight fit on flat boards or smaller boards too.


Stereo isn’t just about Left and Right

We made this model with Bass players specifically in mind… Connect your instrument to the A input jack and send the clean signal out to the house mix on the XLR output A at the top of the enclosure. This way, the house has a clean fundamental tone that stays pure and powerful.

Next, take the A Thru output from the 1/4 inch jack on other side of A, send it though your pedalboard signal chain, then connect it back to the B 1/4 inch input jack on the SWDI and send the XLR output B to a second channel on the house mixer. Now the sound engineer can blend the clean sound (A) with the FX sound (B) so that you can have the cool FX without losing the power of the fundamental note from your bass!

Using an amp on stage too? That’s no problem, as you can take the B Thru output jack straight to the amp!


For Keyboards and Sequencers too!

Use the SWDI in any situation where you need two channels of high performing, transformer-coupled DI.  Works fantastically with Keys, sequencers, drum machines, harmony FX generators, anything! If you encounter a ground loop, just flip the switch and kill the hum.  Boom! Done.


Hand-Built with Top Quality Parts

The SWDI is all about giving you a clean, clear signal all of the time.  We build them one-at-a-time with point to point wiring, no PCBs. It uses the industry benchmark JT-DB-E transformer from Jensen and high reliability, all metal connectors from Switchcraft and Neutrik.  It is backed with a 3 year warranty.

Pinstripe Pedals SWDI

This item is available to order. Contact us for an estimated delivery time.
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