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The MBPB Kit

The Medium Black Pedal Board is a mini pedalboard, made to hold our DI, your tuner pedal and one other pedal. With the 3M Dual Lock fastener strips and two cables included, initial setup is a snap.

Quick Setup

When you get to the gig, just pull out your MBPB, plug in your guitar and the XLR to the house PA and you are done.  Tune up and play!

Fast Teardown

When the last encore is over, pack up your instrument, toss the whole pedalboard in your gig bag and go! You’ve better things to do with your time (like selling merchandise or signing autographs!)

Super Tough

CNC machined from 1/4 inch thick textured ABS plastic, the MBPB can survive the harshness of the typical gig environment.  It’s made to last for years and years (and years…!)

What’s Included

The kit includes the mini pedalboard, two Revelation Cable Company patchcables to connect the pedals and 4 strips of 3M Dual Lock fastener to hold everything together. Please note the DI box and pedals are not included. 

Pinstripe Pedals MBPB – Mini Black Pedalboard Kit

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