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PETROF Grand Piano Collection contains 2 grand pianos: Both physically modelled virtual instruments for Pianoteq are authorized by PETROF and capture the characteristic PETROF sound with a range of presets offering a beautiful palette of timbres suitable for all kinds of music.PETROF 284 Mistral concert grand is their masterpiece. Measuring 2.84 m in length, it is their largest piano, and is loved for its tremendous bass and resonant treble. Artists find in it a trusty companion when performing the most demanding works. It also possesses the soft, romantic tone that is so characteristic of all PETROF grand pianos.ANT. PETROF 275 concert grand is their flagship, bringing the authority required for concert halls. It maintains the colorful, romantic and rounded tone which the PETROF instruments are praised for, thanks to first class materials. The instrument reflects the skills, care and innovatory spirit inherited ever since Antonín Petrof built his first grand piano in 1864

Pianoteq PETROF Grand Piano Collection

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