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Two Medicine is a preset-capable delay designed with an intuitive layout. The streamlined interface includes time, feedback, mix, and four programmable presets for immediate access to your favorite delay settings. Two Medicine’s uniquely filtered delay line delivers a warm and lush experience, ranging from slap-back echoes to walls of oscillation.



● Provides up to 1000ms of delay time.

● Optional delay trails for a natural decay in delay when switching the effect off.

● Intuitive interface with time, feedback, and mix controls for total customization of delay.

● Four user presets for fast access to delay settings.

● Smart switching system that provides standard on/off latching and momentary operation.

● Top-mounted instrument and power jacks to save pedal board space.

● Buffered-bypass design to optimize signal integrity with any instrument cable length.


Power: 9V DC, 70mA (center negative)

Dimensions: 2.6"x4.77"; (W x L)


About the Artwork:

Two Medicine pays tribute to my Blackfeet (Amsskaapi Piikuni) heritage and is a story of Two Medicine Lake, placed within the Backbone of the World, more widely known as Glacier National Park. Blackfeet Tradition tells the story of a famine that inhabited the land. The nation held ceremonies at two medicine lodges, placed along the shore of the respected lake. Prayers revealed that the great Wind Spirit had created this famine and the Blackfeet needed to send their wisest men to appease Wind Spirit. Wind Spirit lived at the summit of Chief Mountain. Upon arrival, the wise immediately fled out of fear. The ceremonies continued, revealing that the Blackfeet were now to send their bravest warriors up the mountain. Wind Spirit was pleased with the courage of these warriors and brought rain back to the land. After that day, happiness and prosperity dwelt within the land of the Blackfeet Nation. The artwork features Two Medicine Lake located in Glacier National Park, Montana.


-Mike Trombley, Founder


Native Audio Two Medicine Delay

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