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Revolver is a high-powered convolution reverb that operates like no other, providing total impulse response control, dedicated and routable EQ, two sync-able delay lines, a reverb decay crossover network, and specialized stereo imaging for unprecedented flexibility.

Revolver provides the most compelling impulse library to date, with hundreds of sounds from rare holy grail out of production reverbs and acoustic spaces. Additional acoustic spaces and outboard gear can be modeled in a few minutes with Revolver and the Revolver impulse response tools.

Controls for the total reverb time (in percent and RT60 values), wet and dry levels are always displayed. The remainder of the Revolver plug-in interface is separated into several control pages and views. Graphical representations of signal flow, impulse response data, EQ responses, and even images of the impulse response source are available

All parameter adjustments are heard immediately, and the outputs are not muted during any control updates. The user does not need to wait while the reverb is re-rendered.

Revolver is what convolution reverb was always meant to be.

Learn about impulse response creation using Revolver by reading the Colin’s Corner article here.


  • Huge library of presets of out of production reverbs, rare vintage reverbs, and acoustic spaces

  • Total impulse response manipulation

  • Pre-delay (positive or negative)

  • Two-band dedicated reverb EQ

  • Three-band routable EQ

  • Two sync-able delay lines

  • Tools for creating custom impulse responses

  • Reverb decay crossover network

  • Double precision processing

  • Low latency

  • Mono and stereo versions

McDSP Revolver Convolution Reverb Native

  • Licenses may take up to 24 hours to process and be delivered