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Taking inspiration from the fabled Sony C-37A, Manley Labs introduces the Manley Reference Silver Microphone. Featuring an American built capsule by David Josephson and a Manley designed circuit, this microphone has warm and rich tone. The Manley Reference Silver Microphone offers a mechanical selector on the rear of the head basket that is switchable between cardioid and omni pick-up patterns. Boasting a mic grade 5670 vacuum tube, Manley IRON transformers, and a low-noise switch mode power supply, the Manley Reference Silver Microphone is a studio workhorse. This microphone is at home in front of instruments that range from female vocalists, to saxophones, from drum overheads to banjos. Use the Manley Reference Silver Microphone where you might be thinking about a ribbon, and use it with confidence!

• Condenser Microphone Transducer
• USA Hand Made Capsule by Josephson Audio
• Capsule is based on the Vintage Sony C-37A
• Single-Sided Large Diaphragm Capsule
• 5 Micron Evaporated Gold Diaphragm
• Dual Pattern Cardioid or Omni Directional
• Adjustable Vent on the Backplate Changes the Pattern
• 5670 Internal Vacuum Tube Head Amplifier
• Constant Current Source for Tube Minimizes Noise and Tube Selection
• Hand Wound Nickel Core Manley Iron Output Transformer
• Custom Designed Outboard Switched Mode PSU
• Supplied with Manley X-Cradle Suspension 

• CAPSULE TYPE: Center-fixed Lg. Diaphragm Capacitor
• POLAR PATTERNS: Continuously Variable (omni through cardioid via port entry on rear)
• DIAPHRAGM SIZE: 1 Inch; 1.25 Inch Overall
• DIAPHRAGM THICKNESS: 5 Micron; Gold Sputtered
• FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 10Hz-30kHz, AMP to 60kHz
• MAXIMUM INPUT SPL: 150 dB SPL at Capsule
• AMPLIFIER TYPE: 2 Triode Gain Block Lo Z Output
• OUTPUT TYPE : Transformer Coupled
• OUTPUT POLARITY: Balanced XLR, Pin 2 Hot, Pin 3 Low
22-22 kHz (1Kohm Load, 1kHz -40dBV Output)
• AMPLIFIER NOISE: Typically -108 dBV "A Weighted"
• BODY: Etched Silver Anodized Aluminum. Weight: 1.5lbs

Manley Reference Silver Condenser Mic

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