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Introducing the Noble Screamer, a revolutionary overdrive/boost pedal from Keeley Electronics. Imagine the ability to combine the best and defining characteristics of different overdrive & boost pedals in order to create hybrid sounds no one has ever played through before. That is exactly what Keeley has engineered with the Noble Screamer.


  • Four overdrive and boost sounds including two new, amp-like hybrid tones
  • Silent buffered bypass or true bypass, selectable on the fly
  • Professionally engineered tone - sounds developed in the field and in the Keeley tone lab


The Noble Screamer is a 4-in-1 pedal that gives you two very familiar drive circuits and two brand-new amp-like overdrive and distortion tones. It’s almost like pedal-modeling, except these are 100% analog circuits, and you decide which tone-control or clipping section you want to play through. Toggle between battle-tested, classic overdrive effects, or innovate your sound using new hybrid tones; let your ears be the judge.

Keeley Noble Screamer

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