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Precision Rack Mount Quality Compression at your Feet

The Keeley Compressor GC-2 Limiting Amplifier provides true high-fidelity compression and limiting. It uses high performance Voltage Controlled Amplifiers, on board true-RMS detector, and ultra-high performance op-amps to bring you the very best quality. This type of compressor gives you precise control and very musical results. This along with a full frequency range means that the GC-2 Limiting Amplifier compressor is well suited for guitar, keyboards, drum machines and, really, anything you can throw at it. 

The new Keeley GC-2 is a different style compressor that aims at being the ultimate in low noise and transparency. Not only can it handle astonishingly large signals, but it has an incredible bandwidth of over 20 KHz. No detail in your guitars tone will be lost. The Keeley GC-2 will be a sound investment in your tone - you now have genuine rack-mount quality at your feet.


Voltage Input: 9V
Current Draw: 50mA
Input Impedance 1 Meg ohm
Output Impedance: 100 ohm
Output Voltage Gain: +30dB Boost
Bandwidth > 20kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.1%
Noise: -95dBV
Threshold Indicator: Dual LED

Keeley GC2 Limiting Amplifier Compressor

This item is available to order. Contact us for an estimated delivery time.
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