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The El Rey Dorado is your go-to box for that Plexi tone. Yes, there is a wide range of 1960s Plexi Amp Tone in terms of power, which tubes are installed, which speakers and/or cabinet is used, but the El Rey Dorado hits the core tone bullseye! Based on a JTM 45/100® full stack.  

The El Rey covers a lot of classic British amp tones by featuring two gain modes with the Power Toggle. With the Power Toggle switch you have control over the compression and harmonics. Low Power mode is louder, has more girth, and has fewer harmonics for a more old-school tone. The High Power mode has more compression, more harmonics, and a tighter, more defined tone. Old-school crunch in Low Power mode, super lead tones in the High Power mode.

Tone: Toggle tone; right for more treble
Drive: Controls Gain of Drive
Level: Output level control. Turn up above Unity for a Boost effect
Power Toggle: 
• LO: More girth, fewer harmonics, more punch
• HI: More compression, more harmonics, super lead
Footswitch: Effect on and off
• 9 volt battery compatible (battery not included)

Keeley El Rey Dorado Plexi Overdrive

This item is available to order. Contact us for an estimated delivery time.
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