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The epitome of versatile and transparent overdrive 

Discover the Golden Boy Mini and unlock the true potential of your guitar tone. Order yours today and witness the power of transparent overdrive like never before. Elevate your sound and embark on a sonic journey with the Golden Boy Mini!


Compact overdrive pedal takes the concept of transparent overdrive to new heights, using a simple and powerful interface. Its transparent nature ensures that your core tone remains intact while adding a dynamic of warmth, richness, and depth that elevates your playing to new levels. Intuitive controls allow you to dial in the perfect blend of overdrive, from subtle grit to soaring, harmonically rich tones. Its rugged construction and top-quality components ensure reliability and durability.


Top Mounted Jacks

Input Impedance: 1M

Output Impedance: 100k

Power Supply: DC,

Voltage Input: 9V

Polarity: Center Negative

Current Draw: 35mA

Dimensions: 2.5" x 4.25"

Jackson Audio Golden Boy Mini - Rose Gold

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