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The Wave Transformer is an analog, vintage-voiced, voltage-controlled oscillator with over 8 octaves of accurate pitch tracking. It has 7 simultaneous wave outputs, including a unique Complex output.

The Transform control morphs from a basic waveform through many strange iterations into a complex, gnarled mass of audio mutations at the Complex output. You can yield countless variations on these permutations by combining this novel circuit with Hard Sync, Soft Sync, Linear FM and Exponential FM. Additionally, you can mute the source waveform to use the circuit as a harmonic gate/VCA, rendering the Wave Transformer a voice unto itself. If that is not enough, there is a Shape Insert that allows you to transform external oscillations and modular-level audio sources.


• Sub Source - Selects either the internal oscillator or the signal patched into the shape insert jack for use in generating sub octaves.
• Sub Octave - Selects between 1 octave down, 2 octaves down or muting the sub octaves.
• Complex Source - Selects between muting and unmuting the source wave for the Complex output
• Tune - Course control of the pitch of the oscillator, spanning approximately 7 octaves
• Fine Tune - Fine control of the pitch of the oscillator, spanning a little more than 1 octave
• Micro Tune - Ultra fine control of the oscillator, spanning approximately 25 cents
• Pulse Width - Varies the Pulse width of the Rectangle output between 0% and 100%.
• Transform - Morphs the Complex output from a triangle wave through multiple iterations into a strange and harmonically complex waveform, using an asymmetrical multi-differential audio transmutation circuit


100% analog circuit
Over 8 octaves of pitch tracking starting from A-1 (13.75 Hz), covering more than the full range of a traditional piano keyboard
7 simultaneous waveform outputs
Dedicated attenuators/attenuverters for each CV output
Exponential and Linear Frequency Modulation inputs
Hard and soft sync inputs
Pulse width control between 0%100%
Fixed -1 octave 25% duty cycle suboctave pulse output
Sub Square output switchable between 1 and 2 octaves down
Complex Source mute switch allows simultaneous control of volume and timbre up to audio rates via the Transform CV output
Current draw: 90 mA max from the +12v rail, 90 mA max from the -12v rail
Standard 10-pin Eurorack power connector with a marking to notate the negative pins
Reverse Voltage protection
Over-current protection on all outputs
Skiff friendly - protrudes less than 1 inch (25.4 mm) behind the panel with the power header installed

EarthQuaker Devices Wave Transformer Eurorack Module Transfiguration Oscillator

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