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When you're working with art - whether its someone else's or your own - you need equipment you can trust. A professional producer or engineer is part of the creative process, and his or her ears are the most trustworthy tools they have. They know what sounds good, and they know that a good reference monitor can help them make a good performance great.

Core 59, the flagship of Dynaudio's high-end professional reference monitor series, is that monitor. This three-way speaker features uncompromising class-D amplification, cutting-edge digital signal processing, a super-inert 32mm-thick baffle and a flat bass response down to 42Hz with -6dB at 36Hz.

This is a serious system designed for serious audio professionals. Core 59 has been made for the highest-demand environments that recording engineers, mixers, producers, and editors work in and has been specifically designed to solve many of the monitoring issues that career professionals face every day.

Tweeter: 1 in
Midrange: 5 in
Woofer: 9.5 in
Inputs: Analogue and AES3 digital inputs
Maximum 24-bit/192 kHz: Depending on input signal
Maximum SPL: 112 dB @ 1 m anechoic, 118 dB half space
Crossover frequency: 312.5 Hz (LF/MF) / 5100 Hz (MF/HF)
Frequency response: 38 Hz to 24 kHz - 6 dB
Frequency response: 42 Hz to 21 kHz +/- 3 dB
Enclosure Type: Front-loaded bass reflex
Amplifiers: Pascal Class-D. HF 150 W / MR 500 W / LF 500 W
Dimensions (WxDxH): 280 x 380 x 550 mm (11 x 15 x 21-11/16 inch)
Weight: 24.6 kg (54.2 lb)

Dynaudio Core-59 Monitor (Single)

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