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Now you can add the sound of classic TC reverb to your DAW, along with the advantages of plug-in integration, automation, and project recall support. A hardware-controlled plug-in that brings TC's celebrated reverb to your DAW, the TC8210-DT is a comprehensive hybrid reverb solution with a high-quality, tactile hardware controller that puts the parameters right at your fingertips.

TC Electronic TC8210-DT Features:

Desktop-controlled plug-in brings classic TC reverb sound to your DAW

Dedicated desktop interface with intuitive hands-on control

Huge reverb variety to perfectly suit diverse musical needs — everything from vocals to drums

Preserves natural characteristics of original source

Includes custom-built signature presets from your favorite artists

Combines unique operational features and superior sound quality

Input/output meters give straightforward monitoring of reverb activity

Offers DAW automation and project recall support

Simple tactile control for cutting-edge effects and innovative algorithms

TC Electronic 8210 DT Desktop Controlled Plugin

C$129.00 Regular Price
C$49.00Sale Price
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