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Sometimes you want to keep things light, both in roasting and body! While other coffees might have you feeling heavy, our Single Origin iced coffee is all about lightness, and celebrating the raw potential of the coffee itself. Compared to medium or dark-roasted coffee, Single Origins tend to be more fruit-forward in flavor. You can think of Single Origin like how you think about wine, cheese, and produce having distinct flavors due to their variety, region, and processing methods. Single Origin coffee is a unique and exciting adventure in every sip and brings the thrill of exploring complex flavors of coffee into your everyday. 

Upon arriving at Switters microbrewery in Nashville, TN, our coffee beans get just the right amount of heat to let their natural flavors shine. With every sip, we hope you get the chance to experience the soul of that particular place.

Every cup is an invitation to a flavorful journey! With so many wonderful farms to sample from we eagerly sample and curate small rotating batches through the year. Keep up with the origin of your brew by scanning the QR code on the can or subscribing to our emails. Are you ready to taste the world? ☕🌎✈️

Switters Iced Coffee Single Origin Light Roast 12oz Can

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