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The CrashGuard is a drum microphone shield designed to prevent bleed from cymbals and other sounds from entering the drum microphone. Once in place, the CrashGuard surrounds the microphone with a sonic barrier. By reducing the spill from the cymbals, more of the drum sound can be captured. This makes it easier for the engineer to add EQ or increase level without accentuating the sound of the cymbal.

Compact and lightweight, the CrashGuard 421™ is perfectly matched to the popular Sennheiser MD 421. CrashGuard 421 easily mounts to the boom stand using the microphone's clip to hold it in place, and provides two different mounting positions for easier positioning of larger microphones.

Constructed from high impact ABS, the CrashGuards are tough enough to withstand the hit of a drumstick by even the most aggressive drummer, making them not only ideal for acoustic isolation but also for microphone protection! To ensure that microphone performance is maintained, the under-belly is fully covered with high-density open cell foam to absorb internal reflections and reduce phase cancellation. The innovative design also features an extended cable cutout that allows the microphone to be articulated for precise placement, further optimizing the performance.

CrashGuard 421 Specs
• Shell Material: ABS plastic, black (75% recycled material)
• Inner Liner: High density acoustic foam
• Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.25" x 4.25" (21.6cm x 13.3cm x 10.8cm)

Primacoustic CG421 Crashguard Drum Microphone Shield

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