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4 Character LED-Display, 4 Banks x 50 Programs for Drum Kits, 9 Drum Banks, 8 User Banks x 50 Sounds. The new Drum Select feature lets you browse a wide selection of great sounding drums sounds, simply assigned to each pad individually. Easily replace toms, cymbals or kicks in seconds by selecting from our new preset library. The Tone Section is specialized for creating tonal and harmonically complex sound spectras and has four synthesis modes Resonant synthesis, Subtractive Synthesis, Frequency Modulation and Ring Modulation synthesis. Each of the 6 channels of the Nord Drum 3P has its own powerful effects Drive, EQ and Ring Modulation.

  • 6-Channel Modeling Percussion Synthesizer
  • Reverb and Delay Effects
  • Integrated Multipad Kick Pad Input and MIDI

Nord Drum 3P Modeling Percussion Synthesizer

This item is available to order. Contact us for an estimated delivery time.
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