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Designed for studio and live performance setups, the Nektar SE61 is a full-sized 49-note velocity-sensitive MIDI controller keyboard. The synth action keybed allows you to play with expression and a defined, firm feel. There is a choice of four velocity curves (plus 3 fixed ones). Four buttons and one MIDI-assignable fader to the left of the keys make the SE61 even more flexible: Shift the keyboard up or down -3 to +4 octaves with multicolored LED indicators showing the exact status. Or, transpose the keys ±12 semitones with the transpose buttons right below.

With the Nektar DAW Integration, the SE61's buttons can be reassigned to switch MIDI channels, change MIDI programs, or select tracks and browse patches. What's more, pressing a key combination changes the Octave and Transpose buttons' function to send out MMC transport functions. So, you can activate Start, Stop, and Record directly from your keyboard. Custom MIDI assignments can be made to the MIDI fader, modulation wheel, and footswitch pedal. The changes are stored, so the next time you power up, you can pick up where you left off. There is direct support for most major DAWs including Bitwig, Cubase, Garageband, Logic, Nuendo, Digital Performer, Mixcraft, Reason, Reaper, Sonar, and Studio One. The Nektar SE61 is USB bus-powered and ships with a USB cable and a license for Bitwig 8-Track.

  • 61 velocity-sensitive full-sized keys
  • Four velocity curves plus three fixed ones 
  • 4 buttons
    • Octave up
    • Octave down
    • Transpose up
    • Transpose down
  • 1.2" assignable fader
  • Large pitch-bend and modulation wheels
  • Track and patch change is possible when using Nektar DAW Integration
  • Transport control via secondary button function when using Nektar DAW Integration
  • Custom assign and store fader, modulation wheel, and footswitch input
  • Works with any DAW or MIDI music software on OS X, Windows, and Apple iOS
  • Connections:
    • USB port (USB powered)
    • 1/4" TS jack footswitch input
  • Class-compliant USB (no drivers needed)

Nektar SE61

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