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The C.A.S.T. Introduction Bundle features all of the essential items you need to get your studio connected via Cranborne Audio's proprietary cable management system, C.A.S.T.

Featuring a central connectivity hub in the form of N8 as well as the N22 and N22H breakout boxes, the C.A.S.T. Intro Bundle is an entry-level into the world of C.A.S.T. and ships with two 10m Cat 6 cables and other accessories to get you started.

C.A.S.T. allows you to deploy analogue patch points and stageboxes around your studio and directly to where they are needed. Rather than worry about multiple XLR cables and trailing ends to the XLR leads, C.A.S.T. can replace 4 XLR cables with a single network cable for neater cable management, consistent sound quality, and easier deployment during mobile recording.

Featuring Input and Output connectors on DB25, the included N8 converts 8 analogue inputs and 8 analogue outputs to Cranborne Audios proprietary C.A.S.T. system and creates ingenious, plug-and-play signal routing with any other C.A.S.T.-enabled product. With 4 dedicated C.A.S.T. ports, N8 allows up to 4 Cranborne Audio breakout boxes to be connected at once for 16 channels of audio routing with any audio interface, mixer, or audio installation.

The included N22H is a C.A.S.T. breakout box and reference-grade headphone amplifier that is perfect for creating an instant vocal booth. Connect N22H to N8 via C.A.S.T. and you can put a performer, vocal mic, and headphones in one room, while receiving the vocal mic signal and sending a headphone mix from a completely different room - all with just one Network cable! 

The included N22 is a completely passive stagebox that can be connected to N8 and positioned in the live room, hallway, or vocal booth to connect microphones and speakers to and from your control room up to 100m/330ft away.

C.A.S.T. is a high-quality and plug-and-play method of transporting audio from A to B with the least amount of cabling mess. It also supports 48v phantom power in all directions for active DI boxes and condenser microphones. Best of all, as networking cable is common-place in peoples homes, a whole studio re-wire with Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 7, and C.A.S.T. is cheaper than equivalent XLR looms and copper snakes.

With a completely passive design, no power is required for full operation and C.A.S.T connectivity. The C.A.S.T. Intro Bundle is rugged enough for the stage or rack-mountable with the Included Half-Rack Kit and its a cabling solution designed to transform your open space into a studio.

Whats In The Box

• N8 - C.A.S.T. Distribution Hub and Audio Over Cat 5 System
• 19 Rackmount Kit for N8
• N22H - Reference-Grade Headphone Amplifier, Cat 5 Snake, and C.A.S.T. Breakout Box
• N22H 9v power supply
• N22 - Cat 5 Snake and C.A.S.T. Breakout Box
• 2x 10m Cat 6a Cable with custom Cranborne Audio Velcro cable ties

Key Features

• Connectivity for up to 4 C.A.S.T. breakout boxes with 2 breakout boxes included in the bundle
• Completely passive operation#
• Fully-balanced, high-quality audio paths
• 8 Inputs and 8 outputs over DB25 (Tascam wiring) (sold separately)
• C.A.S.T. IN A, B, C, and D ports on RH45 with 2 dedicated Input and output paths each
• Compatible with any shielded Cat 5e/Cat 6/Cat 7 cable with distances up to 100m/330ft
• Improved crosstalk performance with high-performance Cat 6 and Cat 7 (recommended)
• Rugged metal enclosure
• Compatible with all Cranborne Audio C.A.S.T.-enabled devices including N22, N22H, Camden EC1, and Camden EC2
• Fully-support of 48v phantom power
• N8 Rack-mountable with supplied Half Rack Kit

#N22H Needs power supply for headphone amplifier operation (included)

Cranborne CAST Intro Bundle

This item is available to order. Contact us for an estimated delivery time.
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