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CRUSHTURNAL is a happy accident.

Take the Nocturnal. Crush it. Get CRUSHTURNAL.

CRUSHTURNAL is a Digital Delay / Sample Reducer / Reverb / Clock sequencer pedal.

This ambient and harmonization pedal is splitted in 3 parts.

- "Ambience" section is inspired by the Nocturnal’s shimmer.

A cathedral reverb with pitch shifting effect in cascades to create a shiny and expressive reverb.


- "Digital Repeater" is our take on digital delay and sample manipulation. A robotic repeater where

each repeat can be infinitely sampled and reduced according to your wishes.

Both sections are controlled by a Clock knob. It acts on reverb and delay length and sample rate.


- "Sequencer" is a step sequencer added on the Clock control. It simulates clock moves with the selec-

ted musical intervals at the desired rate.


It also has a CV/Exp input to control the clock. The Step Sequencer can be used with a CV output to

control other devices. And the sequencer has a tap tempo + a Sync input to control its rate.


To sum up, you can create textures, harmonize, repeat and destroy your signal.

Exactly what we're all looking for, right?

Collision Devices Crushturnal

This item is available to order. Contact us for an estimated delivery time.
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