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Antelope Audio's Zen Tour Synergy Core is a professional analog and digital I/O audio interface with Thunderbolt 3 and USB 2.0 connectivity. With 4x DSP and 2x FPGA processors handling up to 256 FX instances, 8 analog inputs, 14 analog outputs, S/PDIF and ADAT digital connections and stunning 130dB dynamic range AD/DA conversion, the new Zen Tour sets new performance and audio quality standards in its category.

Zen Tour Synergy Core interfaces employ ARM DSP + FPGA chips in custom configurations to process tens of input/output audio streams and hundreds of low-latency studio effects without burdening your computer.


Zen Tour Synergy Core brings the following upgrades from the original Zen Tour:

  • 4x DSP + 2x FPGA Synergy Core low-latency effects and audio engine processors

  • Improved AD/DA conversion up to 130dB DNR, on par with Orion Studio Synergy Core

  • 2x increase in channel count (32 channels at sample rates up to 192kHz)

  • Thunderbolt™ 3 & USB 2.0 cross-platform connectivity for Mac / Windows

  • Support for new Synergy Core-exclusive effects like Auto-Tune Synergy, Opto-2A, Comp-4K-Bus and others

  • 8 DC-coupled line outputs for CV applications like controlling modular synthesizers

  • Discrete ultra linear microphone preamps

36 FX Included
Zen Tour Synergy Core comes with a massive collection of real-time effects taken from the vast Antelope Audio Synergy Core FX library. It goes beyond the essentials. Everything you need to accomplish Recording, Mixing and Mastering is included.

Auto-Tune Synergy
Built from the ground-up for the Synergy Core platform, Auto-Tune Synergy adds live pitch correction to the Antelope Audio experience.

Make Connections
Small footprint, big connectivity! Zen Tour Synergy Core offers a choice of 4 Instrument/Line inputs, 4 Mic/Line Ins, 8 Line Outs, 2 Monitor Outs, 2 Headphone Outs and 2 Re-Amp Outs, totalling 8 analog inputs and 14 outputs. The unit is digitally expandable over ADAT & SPDIF for an additional 10 digital input and 10 output channels. Additionally, all line outputs are DC-Coupled and ready for control voltage (CV) applications such as control of modular synthesizers. As a final touch, an integrated Talkback microphone lets you demo vocals and propel your voice to the live room.

4 Discrete Microphone Preamps
Antelope Audio's fully discrete, ultra-linear microphone preamps have sound quality comparable to that of a great mixing desk. Musical and transparent, they perfectly complement the Antelope Audio Edge & Verge modeling microphones' sonic characteristics to deliver the power of the Accusonic 3D mic modeling technology right on your desktop.

Industry-leading Clocking
The pioneer of atomic clocking in pro audio, Antelope Audio incorporates 20+ years of expertise in its audio interfaces. Our proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology & Jitter Management algorithm helps deliver the kind of artifact-free audio once accessible only to the most prestigious studios.

Antelope Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core

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