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Based on Stevie Ray's Legendary Dumble Clean Tone

When it comes to SRV-style glassy clean and fat lead tones, the Vertex Effects Steel String SSS SRV (Slight Return Version) Mini – based on serial #001 of a legendary six-figure Dumble Steel String Singer – may be one of the BEST ways to impart D-style clean tone to your favorite amplifier.

D-Style Cleans with Some Texas Flair

With gain settings below 1:00, the SSS SRV Mini makes a highliy versatile fat boost, with an active midrange “FILTER” EQ section to dial in that D-style midrange shaping your instrument demands. Above 1:00, the SRV sweetens your signal with vine-ripened drive characteristics matured in the Texas sun. Wide open, this pedal packs enough juicy gain to take you well into overdrive territory. All the while, true bypass operation preserves your dry signal whenever you don't have the SRV engaged – though, if you're anything like us Stevie Ray fanatics, it's pretty much a nonissue, since you'll never want to turn this thing off.

Steel String SSS SRV Mini Features:

• Based on model #001 of an original run of legendary 6L6 blues machines

• A true amp in a box – designed to impart the D-style clean tone to your amp

• Inspiring glossy touch sensitivity, warmth, and low-end snap

• Versatile Gain and Level controls make this a capable clean boost or full-on overdrive

•Re-shaped EQ with the Rock/Jazz switch for the perfect “Texas Tone”

• Rugged steel housing

• Authentic D-style asthetics

• True bypass switching

• Designed in California

• 9-18VVDC operation (center negative)

• Dimensions: 4.5″ x 2.2″ x 1.8″

• Weight: 1.0 lbs


Vertex Steel String Mini Slight Return Edition

This item is available to order. Contact us for an estimated delivery time.