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A super compact clean boost, buffer and volume!

Boasting a compact enclosure that's 33% slimmer than its predecessor, the Vertex Boost MKII belongs on every tone-obsessed guitarist's pedalboard.

While the Boost MKII offers a myriad of useful functions, it's a clean booster at heart.

Its straightforward Level knob ranges from unity gain to a healthy 16dB.

Placing the Boost MKII in front of your amp or dirt boxes adds saturation and sustain to your signal.

Placing it after your preamp and dirt boxes gives you a full-range level increase.

Best of all, the Boost MKII doesn't change the tone of anything that comes before it: it's sonically invisible!


Connect to any Expression or Volume pedal to get total volume control!

On the rear of the Boost MKII, you'll find the 1/8-inch TRS insert.

This enables you to control your volume using an external volume or expression pedal.

When the Boost MKII is bypassed, your external pedal will behave as a typical volume pedal, sweeping from zero to unity gain.

Turn the Boost MKII on, and the treadle-style pedal will sweep from zero to wherever the stompbox's Level knob is set.

Best of all, your guitar's signal is completely isolated from the treadle-style pedal, ensuring zero impact on your tone.


Vertex Effects Boost MKII Pedal features:

• Boost pedal with 16dB of ultra-transparent gain.

• 33% slimmer than its predecessor.

• Drives your amp into saturation or gives your solos a squeaky-clean level bump.

• Accommodates both line and instrument-level signals.

• 100% Analog Circuitry.

• Ultra-linear buffers condition your entire signal path: ensuring optimal input and stable output.

• Insert jack enables volume adjustment via an external treadle-style pedal while keeping your guitar's signal isolated.

• Power: 9V DC.

• Current Draw: Less than 100mA.

Vertex Boost MKII

This item is available to order. Contact us for an estimated delivery time.
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