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Legendary FET compression with tone and attitude - true to the original.

Upon its release in 1967, the 1176 Limiting Amplifier became an instant classic because of its unique lightning-fast attack and release times, musical Class A output stage, and its wide range of sounds, ranging from subtle, near-transparent compression, to all-out drive and distortion.

Universal Audio's 1176LN Classic Limiting Amplifier is a handbuilt, faithful reproduction of Bill Putnam Sr's original visionary design - an iconic piece of audio history that had a hand behind classic recordings from Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, and more.

• True to the original in design, manufacturing and performance
• Modeled after 1176LN, blackface, D and E revisions
• Ultra fast attack time -20 microseconds to 800 microseconds
• Class A line level output amplifier
• Custom built Putnam-designed output transformer
• Stereo interconnect operation


• Input Impedance: 600 ohms, bridges-T control (floating)
• Output Load Impedance: 600 ohms, floating, damping factor 20
• External Connections: Jones Barrier terminals and XLR connectors
• Frequency Response: 1 dB 20 Hz to 20kHz
• Gain: 50 dB
• Distortion: Less than 0.5% total harmonic distortion from 50 Hz to 15 kHz with limiting
• Signal to Noise Ratio: Greater than 70 dB at +10 dBm
• Attack Time: 20 microseconds to 800 microseconds
• Release Time: 50 milliseconds to 1.1 seconds
• Stereo Interconnection: via 1176 SA Network accessory
• Meter: dB gain reduction and dB output
• Power Requirements: 120/240 V
• Environmental: Maximum operating temperature 160F

Universal Audio 1176LN Classic Limiting Amplifier

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