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DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder with USB Audio Interface


TASCAM set the standard for handheld recording. Ever since then, we’ve been raising the standard. Introducing the TASCAM DR-05X — the next generation of a TASCAM handheld digital recorder.


The DR-05X is a compact, versatile, professional grade digital audio recorder that scrimps on size but deliver on performance and features. 


Record Clean and Clear Audio — Anywhere

The DR-05X is equipped with dual integrated professional quality condenser mics to capture high-quality, crystal clear recordings. DR-05X features omnidirectional stereo mics perfect for recording meetings, dictation, music and more.


Easy to Operate

TASCAM created a totally revamped user interface, making it easy to access recording, adjusting levels, deleting takes, adding markers, and other common functions with just the click of a thumb. DR-05X now includes a new powerful bright white backlit display that’s easy to see even in the brightest sunlight.


Turn Your Room Into a Studio – In a Minute

The DR-05X taps into TASCAM’s decades of innovation in computer-based recording, incorporating a studio-quality 2 in/2 out USB audio interface making the DR-05X a perfect fit for live streaming, podcasting, and digital audio workstations. Built-in microphones operate as USB microphones without complicated settings.


Multi-language interface inside

Multi-language menus in English/ Spanish/ French/ Italian/ German/ Russian/Chinese/ Korean/ Japanese/ Portuguese are included.


Dictation Mode For Easy Voice Recording and Transcription Playback

Writing down what you hear is easier said than done, but it is actually easy with DR-05X. In addition to its capability to capture crisp voice recording, DR-05X can help you with its instant Jump back function, variable Speed function and equalizer preset for human voice.


Never Miss a Take

DR-05X is equipped with Auto Recording functionality to automatically start recording when an input signal is detected, and Peak Reduction technology to guard against sudden spikes in loudness. Recording modes include Overwrite Mode, which allows users to select a precise Record drop-in time for replacement recording with one level of undo, and Nondestructive Overdubbing allows you to record new sounds onto an existing recording while leaving the original file unaffected. 


Record Higher Quality for Longer

DR-05X supports studio-quality linear PCM recordings up to 96kHz/24-bit WAV/BWF format, as well as memory-friendly MP3 format. With extended battery life and increased capacity for microSDXC cards up to 128GB, DR-05X recorders can literally record for days on end.


Main Features


DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder and USB Audio Interface

  • Ideally suited for voice and music recording, including meetings, dictation, lectures, live performances, and more 

  • Stereo omnidirectional condenser microphones capture everything from the quietest detail to the loudest peaks

  • Integrated 2-In/2-Out USB audio interface for PC or Mac recording, podcasting

  • Overwrite function for punch-in replacement recording, with one level of Undo

  • Dictation mode to instantly incrementally jump back playback including speed control and a special dictation EQ

  • Multi-language menus in English/ Spanish/ French/ Italian/ German/ Russian/Chinese/ Korean/ Japanese/ Portuguese are included

  • Auto Recording function starts recording when sound level is detected

  • Simple one-touch user interface with QUICK menu button for all common functions

  • Extended battery life up to 17.5 hours with standard AA alkaline batteries

  • High capacity microSDXC card capacity for hundreds of hours of recording time

Tascam DR-05X

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