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Studiologic Studiologic Numa X Piano 88 Digital Piano with Hammer-action Keys

The Studiologic Numa X Piano 88 is a forward-looking digital keyboard that employs an impeccable selection of first-class sounds, incredible real-piano responsiveness, and an intuitive color-coded user interface that will satisfy the needs of discerning players. 

Packed with over 200 factory presets, plenty of onboard storage for user-generated tones, and a high-definition FX engine, the Numa X Piano 88 is a veritable sonic delight. 

A hammer-action Fatar keybed sits in a solidly built yet lightweight chassis. The Numa X Piano 88 is truly an instrument that feels and looks just as amazing as it sounds. 

Four assignable key zones allow you to access multiple tones from the Numa X Piano 88 simultaneously and control external devices via MIDI. Furthermore, the Numa X Piano 88 provides you with a 4-channel digital mixer with EQ, making it an ideal keyboard for gigging musicians.


88-key digital keyboard with a cutting-edge hammer-action Fatar keybed, featuring monophonic aftertouch

4 assignable key zones with MIDI output for controlling external devices

200+ hyper-realistic factory sounds using Studiologic’s industry-leading True Sound (TRS) and High-resolution Spectral Interpolation technologies

Wide-ranging assortment of acoustic pianos, vintage electric pianos, and more

Robust FX section, with 8 insert effects for each key zone and master delay and reverb effects

Dedicated DSP effects for acoustic pianos bring enhanced realism to your performances

Access and tweak sounds in real time effortlessly with the UXlogic adaptive color user interface and color-coded encoders

Provides a built-in 4-channel digital mixer with EQ for a simple and efficient live performance setup

Exchange sounds in a digital format with your computer or tablet and use the instrument as an audio board with the USB-audio feature

Studiologic Numa X Piano 88