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We are excite to announce a pre order for the DAILY DRIVER BOOST pedal, the pedal will ship in April/May 2024


The DAILY DRIVER BOOST combines the BOOST and the DAILY DRIVER pedals into one.

The two circuits can be used independently or together, the order toggle switch gives you the flexibility to change the order of the two circuits to find different tones that weren’t possible before.


The DAILY DRIVER circuit has been tweaked to have more headroom when using the pedal with humbucker pickups to achieve those edge of break up sounds to be a true first gain stage overdrive.


BOOST circuit is unchanged and is identical to the stand alone pedal.


Input Impedance 576K OhmsOutput Impedance 100 Ohms

Power Requirements 9v

Current Draw 80mA

True Bypass Foot Switch

Size 3.7 x 4.7 x 1.7 Inches

Shnobel Tone Daily Driver Boost

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