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Whether you're tracking, mixing, or just listening to music, your headphone amplifier is as important to the final sound quality as your headphones - yet the world is full of headphone amps with compromised sonics, headroom, and power. To address these shortcomings, Rupert and his team at Rupert Neve Designs have developed the RNHP.

Based on the headphone output circuit in the 5060 Centerpiece Desktop Mixer, the RNHP is a dedicated 24V reference-quality headphone amplifier with specifically-calibrated +4dBu balanced line, unbalanced RCA and 3.5mm (1/8") inputs, housed in a rugged VESA-mountable steel chassis. With effortless, wide-open sonic performance and the ability to drive any pair of headphones without compromise, the RNHP allows you to perform, mix and enjoy your music with a new level of clarity.

• Wide-open, extremely detailed sound quality
• Dedicated Power 
• Near-zero output impedance 
• Precision Stereo Potentiometer
• Professional Line Input 
• RCA Input
• 3.5mm Input
• VESA Mount
• Steel Clamshell Chassis
• 24V DC Input

• Maximum Input Levels: "A" XLR I/P: +22.8 dBu @1kHz, "B" RCA I/P: +14.7dBu @1kHz, "C" 3.5mm I/P: +3.3dBu @1kHz
• Output Power: As measured with typical headphones, Z=44 ohms: 3.617 VAC RMS @1kHz = 300mW RMS
16 ohm typical Load: 1.933 VAC RMS @1kHz = 230mW RMS
150 ohm typical Load: 5.108 VAC RMS @1kHz = 175mW RMS
• Output Impedance: .08 ohms @ 1KHz, 16-150 ohm load, 0dBu input
• Frequency Response: +/- .2dB from 10Hz to 120KHz
• Noise: Measured with typical headphones, Z=44 ohms, BW 22Hz 22kHz, "A" XLR Input: -101.9dBV, "B" RCA Input: -100.9dBV, "C" 3.5mm Input: -88.8dBV
• Power Supply Requirements: 24VDC @ 0.25Amp (6 watt) minimum.

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP Precision Headphone Amplifier

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