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The R-121 Live Series microphone models are identical to our standard models, with the exception of the ribbon specification. A heavier gauge ribbon material is employed, giving the microphone a greater advantage in severe use applications. These microphones are easily distinguished from their standard counterparts by a dark red logo on the front of 
the microphone. Standard Royer microphones are fitted with either a dark-green or black logo, depending on the model of the microphone. All Live Series models employ a dark red logo.

Royer Live Series microphones deliver the same natural response that our standard models do, with subtle differences that help in live performance situations. Live Series models have slightly reduced sensitivity and therefore greater headroom. The higher mass of the ribbon also reduces transient response, the speed with which the ribbon responds to sound waves. This is characterized by a slight reduction in overall high-frequency response, especially in the extreme registers. High-end is often hard for engineers to control in live situations and the Royer Live Series models help tame this, allowing for less equalization at the board. R-series Live models employ a 4-micron ribbon rather than the studio models 2.5 micron ribbon. SF-series Live models employ a 2.5-micron ribbon rather than the studio models 1.8- micron ribbon. All other features are identical with regard to the microphone's electronics.

Patented Offset Ribbon Technology
The R-121's proprietary offset ribbon transducer (Patent # 6,434,252) is the first of its kind, positioning the ribbon element closer to the front (logo) side of the microphone. This arrangement gives the ribbon more room to move within the prime magnetic field while maintaining full frequency response during high SPL recordings. It's an integral piece of the magic of all Royer R-series microphones.

• High SPL Capabilities
• No internal active electronics to overload or produce distortion up to maximum SPL rating
• Extremely low residual noise
• Ribbon element is not affected by heat or humidity
• Absence of high frequency phase distortion
• Equal sensitivity from front or back of element
• Consistent frequency response regardless of distance

Acoustic Operating Principle: Electrodynamic pressure gradient
Polar Pattern: Figure-8
Generating Element: 4-micron aluminum ribbon
Magnets: Rare Earth Neodymium
Frequency Response: 30 -15,000 Hz +/- 3dB
Sensitivity: -50 dBv Re. 1v/pa
Output Impedance: 300 Ohms @ 1K (nominal)
Rated Load Impedance: > 1500 Ohms @ 300 Ohms
Maximum SPL: > 135dB @ 20 Hz
Output Connector: Male XLR 3 pin (Pin 2 Hot)
Dimensions: 58mm X 25mm (6.13" X 1") Weight: 244g (8.6 oz)

Royer R-121L Live Ribbon Microphone Matched Pair

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