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Pedalboard-friendly direct box made by hand with the finest components.  Jensen Transformers equipped!


The Little White DI is all about your sound

As a musician, you’ve worked hard to get your sound together.  You’ve spent your hard-earned cash on a high quality instrument that fits your personality. Our job at Pinstripe Pedals is to give you YOUR sound every night, in every venue, by making the very best product available.


The Little White DI is simple

Hand-built with the finest components available from Jensen Transformers and Switchcraft, the LWDI is specifically engineered to fit on a pedalboard.  The parallel wired In and Thru jacks are located on either side of the enclosure with the XLR output and ground lift switch located on the north side for easy cable routing. There are no extra controls or switches to get flipped and mess things up.


The Little White DI is reliable

We built the first prototypes of this product 10 years ago.  And since then, they have been in weekly use without any issues, delivering a consistent, noise-free sound every time.

Pinstripe Pedals LWDI

This item is available to order. Contact us for an estimated delivery time.
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