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Impact LX Mini makes the power of Nektar's Impact LX range of USB MIDI controller keyboards truly portable. Enhance your workflow with a host of powerful real-time and intuitive control features that inspire your creativity: No menu-diving, tactile control, two arpeggiators, drum pads, mini-keys that are great to play - and of course Nektar DAW integration. LX Mini has everything you need to create!

Impact LX Mini features our newly developed keybed with 25 velocity-sensitive mini-keys. It can be played expressively and has a defined and firm feel. With a choice of 4 velocity curves and 3 fixed values, you can tailor the keyboard response to your playing style. Dedicated Octave buttons let you shift the octave swiftly for a wider reach. Additionally, the Part 2 buttons can be used for transpose.

• 25 velocity-sensitive mini keys
• 4 velocity curves (soft, default, hard 1, hard 2) + 3 fixed values
• Joystick for pitch bend, 2 modulation controls (MIDI assignable)
• Foot switch jack 1/8" (adaptor to 1/4" included)
• Octave up/down buttons with LED indicators
• Transpose via Shift + Part 2 buttons
• Part 2 LED buttons (assignable to momentary keyboard shift, transpose, layering MIDI notes and switching MIDI channels (includes Latch option)
• 7 transport buttons for DAW integration or MIDI assignable 
• Shift button activates secondary level for a total of 14 accessible MIDI button functions (plus 3rd level for another 7 functions with Nektar DAW Integration)
• 8 velocity-sensitive LED Pads (4 pad maps)
• 8 pots (x2 via Page button, functionality changes according to mode)
• Volume pot with LED settings indication (MIDI-assignable)
• Nektar DAW integration support

System Requirements
- USB class compliant (no driver needed) works with any DAW or MIDI music software for OS X, Windows and iOS (iOS requires optional Apple Camera Kit)
- USB Power Requirement: 100 mA
- LX Mini: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or higher. Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, Linux (Ubuntu). 
- Nektar DAW Integration: Windows 7/8/10 or higher. Mac OS 10.7 or higher.

- Impact LX Mini USB MIDI Controller keyboard
- User Guide
- Micro USB cable
- 1/8" male jack to 1/4" female jack cable for foot switch socket
- Bitwig license card

Nektar Impact LX Mini

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