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The Buffalo Days is a multi-reverb pedal with unique algorithms for hall, plate, room, and spring. The streamlined interface includes independent mix and depth controls for a captivating and expansive reverb experience. From subtle room reflections to cavernous echoes, Buffalo Days provides a gig-friendly, multi-reverb solution.



 Four unique reverb algorithms including hall, room, plate, and spring.

 Streamline interface with mix and depth controls for each reverb algorithm.

 Optional reverb trails for a natural decay in reverb when switching the effect off.

 Analog dry in bypass and when effect is engaged for maximum clarity.

 Smart switching system that provides standard on/off latching and momentary operation.

 Top-mounted instrument and power jacks to save pedal board space.

 Buffered-bypass design to optimize signal integrity with any instrument cable length.

Power Supply: 9VDC - 70mA (2.1mm - center negative).

Dimensions: 2.6"x4.77"(W x L).


About the Artwork:

Buffalo Days pays tribute to a time when buffalo were the main source of life and provided the Blackfeet Nation (Amsskaapi Piikuni) food, shelter, clothing, and tools. In the late 1800s, U.S. military leaders and white settlers contributed to the destruction of the buffalo herds in a deliberate attempt to decrease the food source of the Plains Indians, reducing the buffalo population from over sixty-five million to less than one thousand.

Following this event, one-quarter of the Blackfeet starved and were buried on site at Ghost Ridge, located on the Blackfeet Reservation. With the Buffalo Days coming to an end, our people were forced to settle on reservations and surrender their culture.

The artwork features a mighty buffalo proudly standing amidst the Blackfeet plains during the Buffalo Days, a prosperous time when our people knew no boundaries and freely pursued their way of life.

-Mike Trombley, Founder

Native Audio Buffalo Days Multi Reverb

This item is available to order. Contact us for an estimated delivery time.
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