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Aakii (ah-gee) is a chorus and vibrato pedal designed to deliver warm modulated tones in a gig-friendly format. The streamlined interface includes independent depth, rate, and mix controls for an optimized and effective modulation experience. From a lush and aquatic chorus to a thick and syrupy vibrato, Aakii provides a range of vintage and modern modulated tones.



 Two distinct modulated effects: chorus and vibrato.

 Filtered delay line delivers a warm modulated tone (goodbye metallic chorus sound).

 Streamline interface with depth, rate, and mix for an optimized modulation experience.

 Mix control blends between chorus and vibrato for a mixture of modulated voicings.

 Smart switching system that provides standard on/off latching and momentary operation.

 Top-mounted instrument and power jacks to save pedal board space.

 Buffered-bypass design to optimize signal integrity with any instrument cable length.


Power Supply: 9VDC - 80mA (2.1mm - center negative).

Dimensions: 2.6"x4.77"(W x L).

Native Audio Aaki Chorus/Vibrato

This item is available to order. Contact us for an estimated delivery time.
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