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Mythos' nod to classic Japanese BBD delays!

The Mythos Oracle pays homage to classic Japanese echo pedals (but isn’t a direct clone of anything).

The pedal is built around a pair of reissue MN3205 chips.

Offering up to 600ms of warm delay time, this echo pedal was designed from the ground up to never get in the way of your playing.

Its unique tap tempo circuit allows you to push the amount of delay time past 600ms for beautifully degraded repeats.

Using the Tap Tempo to get delay times beyond on 600ms will cause the entire signal to degrade and will introduce noise to the signal.

The longer the delay time you get the more noise and degradation there is.

The voicing on the pedal sits kind of in-between classic analog units: it’s dark without being completely muffled and lacking clarity.

The layout is very straightforward and simple (Time, Feedback, and Mix knobs).

The Feedback control goes from single repeats for slap at minimum to self-oscillation territory at 1-2 o’clock.

Using the Oracle in front of a pushed amp works great and doesn’t require the Mix knob to be set all the way down.

Say goodbye to complicated screens and presets, the Oracle is your ticket to simple, beautiful sounding analog repeats!


Mythos Oracle Delay features:

• Mythos' nod to classic Japanese delays.

• Up to 600ms of warm, analog delay.

• Built around a pair of reissue MN3205 BBD chips.

• Classic 3 knobs (Time, Feedback, Mix) controls.

• Tap Tempo Control with Ext Tap jack.

• True Bypass.

• Power: 9V DC.

• Current Draw: 100mA.

Mythos Oracle