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What’s this?! 210…Double Drive Deluxe? Well, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time Zach collaborated on a pedal design with Novo Guitars. That pedal was the Air Lane Drive and it was awesome. After Mythos moved out of Air Lane Drive Dennis asked if they could retain the name in case they wanted to do another design, but we still had a bunch of PCBs so we decided to rename it and get it into the hands of more people. This circuit is too good to let it gather dust, so the 210 Double Drive Deluxe was born.

Internally this is the same PCB as the Air Lane Drive, two slight variations of the same drive circuit built with high quality through hole components. The MORE and EVEN MORE knobs control the gain of each circuit and depending on how you set them you can have a slight boost to sweet overdrive crunch to pretty gnarly fuzz tones. Internally there are volumes for each side but it’s truly a set and forget knob, so set it to taste if stock isn’t you bag and rock out. Each side operates independently and can be stacked or used alone for a huge range of tones.

Mythos 210 Double Drive Deluxe

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