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Isolators Purpose 

We get asked all the time how to start experimenting with a Wet Dry or Wet Dry Wet style rig.  To fully commit takes a lot of patience, time and honestly, some hardware.  If you aren't sure this is the way you want to do, experiment with as little as possible first! Add Isolator and instantly get a mute-able, isolated dry output to add to your series pedalboard! 


Manual & Specs

Isolator at its core is a buffered split with a few extras added in for good measure.  The main goal here is to take your dry effects (overdrives, fuzz, distortion etc) and send them to your modulation / wet effects (as normal) AND to a dedicated dry amp.  

This allows for your core tone (your dry effects) to be heard clearly without being muddied up by delays, reverbs and other glorious noise makers that we as guitarists tend to overuse. 

Instantly mute your dry amp with Isolator using your midi controllers amp switching jacks, an RMT or any other normally open momentary footswitch you have laying around! 


Plug your last dry effect in here. Your signal will now be split to two places: 
Out A - Send this to your first wet effects 
Out B - Send this to your dry amp.  This is the output that is both mute-able and isolated with ground lift and phase pushbuttons. 


There are two outputs on Isolator: 
1. A Output - This is the output you use to send signal to your first wet effect.  This output is not affected by the dry mute. 
2. B Output - This is the output that you use to send signal to your dry amp.  This output can be muted and is connected to the ground lift and phase pushbuttons (it is an isolated output). 

RMT Jack

The RMT jack on Isolator can be used to mute the dry output remotely.  You can connect a TRS cable and a Goodwood Audio RMT pedal to control this dry mute or connect your midi controllers amp switching jack.  

If you decide to use your midi controllers amp switching jacks, or a standard momentary switch, you can use a TS / mono patch cable.  No need for TRS. 


There are three pushbuttons on Isolator: 
a. TX (if transformer added) - Use this to lift the ground on the B output.  This is only needed if you hear a hum in your multi-amp setup.  If you have a ground loop between amps, this button should get rid of it. 
b. 180 (if transformer added) - Use this if your two amps are out of phase with each other.  If out of phase, they will most likely sound 'honky' and have a reduced bottom end.  If you unplug one amp and the bottom end returns / honk is gone, you are most likely out of phase.  Push this button to correct that. 
c. Mute B - If not using the RMT jack, use this pushbutton to mute the B output. 
Note: If the RMT jack is plugged in and being used, the RMT will override the pushbutton state. 

These are designed to last and come with a 2 year warranty! 

All Isolators are made with high quality, durable components.

IMPORTANT - Use only 9vDC centre negative plug to power! 

Current Draw/Power: 75mA, Center Neg 2.1mm

Isolator Box Dimensions: 113mm x 60mm x 31mm

Input Impedance: 1Meg
Output Impedances: 100ohms


Additional options available. Message to discuss!

Goodwood Audio Isolator With 1x Transformer

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