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Stereo Dual-voice Drive and Uni-Vibe in One.


For decades musicians have used overdrive and Uni-Vibe to make their tone come alive. Whether you enjoy drive into vibe or vibe into drive, Eventide’s Riptide invites you to explore the options. Each stereo effect features dual voicings versatile enough for funky bright tones to explosive lead tones. A sweep of the Vibe knob takes you from classic Hendrix-style Uni-Vibe to full on vibrato perfect for modern soul or lo-fi flavors. With the ability to use drive and vibe individually or together, swap their order, and control them with expression, Riptide makes it easy to get caught up in the excitement.

Drive features a balanced distortion with superb dynamics and touch sensitivity. Use the “Green” voicing for a classic transparent overdrive or activate the “Red” voicing for a tight modern overdrive.

Vibe captures the harmonic richness and enveloping modulation of the classic Uni-Vibe by Shin-ei but in stereo! Start out with the “Green” vibe for traditional sounds or engage the “Red” vibe for a deeper, phasey undercurrent of soundwaves.


  • Five presets loaded at your feet with dozens more available with software update in Eventide Device Manager (EDM) software
  • Dual-action Active Footswitch can be use in latching or momentary
  • Swap the order of Drive and Vibe
  • Rear panel Guitar/Line Level switch for matching impedances with guitar, synths, FX loop or DAW interface
  • Map any combination of parameters to an expression pedal
  • Use a single aux switch to Tap Tempo or a triple aux switch for easy preset changing (up/down/load)
  • MIDI over TRS capable
  • Multiple Bypass options: Buffered, Relay, DSP+FX or Kill dry
  • Catch-up mode helps dial in your sound when toggling between presets/parameters
  • Eventide Device Manager PC or Mac application for software updates, system settings and creating/saving presets

Eventide Riptide Stereo Dual-voice Drive and Uni-Vibe

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