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The Eve Audio SC204 2-Way 4" Active Studio Monitor incorporates innovative technology and design to deliver a truly professional monitor speaker.

The SC204 are the smallest speakers in the EVE Audio range with a 4 inch woofer, and are ideal for the home, or in music or post-production studios. The sound delivered is surprisingly big despite the small footprint, which makes these a great pair of primary or secondary reference monitors. The SC204 also have convenient threaded screw inserts on the bottom and the back to allow mounting on a regular microphone or speaker stand, and a back plate for wall mounting.

The SC204, like all EVE Audio monitors, are built on proprietry technology to the highest standards. The results of critical listening tests, as well as technical analysis, have produced monitors that can truly deliver in the studio, as well as translate to all listening environments. Innovative features and design are common to the range, including glass fibre coated SilverCone woofers, Air Motion Tweeters, high-performance bass ports, intuitive DSP control, and speaker protection.

Eve Audio SC204 2-Way 4" Active Monitor (Single Speaker)

This item is available to order. Contact us for an estimated delivery time.
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