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N22H - Reference-Quality Headphone Amplifier, Cat 5 Snake, and C.A.S.T. Breakout Box

Standalone reference-quality headphone amplifier with C.A.S.T. advanced cable management system that can position headphone connectivity right beside the artist/musician using a single Cat 5 cable. N22H is Cranborne Audios solution for flexible and high-quality headphone amp distribution in the modern home, project, and professional studio.

Simpler, Better Sounding Headphone Mixes

• N22H covers all of your headphone monitoring needs in one box. It's a standalone reference quality headphone amplifier, it's a clutter-reducing advanced cable management system, and it's a headphone distribution system that can be positioned right beside the artist/musician using a single Cat 5 cable and Cranborne Audios C.A.S.T. system.

• C.A.S.T. (Cat 5 Analogue Snake Transport) provides the perfect platform for distributing audio around studios or stages using affordable cat 5 cabling while achieving the highest sonic results by repurposing the internal copper wires of a Cat 5 cable to transport balanced analogue audio to and from other C.A.S.T. enabled products.

• Connect N22H to a Cranborne Audio N22 using a single shielded Cat 5 cable and you can send a balanced headphone mix directly into N22H's internal headphone amplifier over a distance of 100m. Through that same Cat 5 connection you can also receive two balanced analogue mic/line signals that can be connected to your audio interface for recording.

Advanced Connectivity with 500R8 and 500ADAT Interfaces

If your studio is already built around a Cranborne Audio interface such as 500R8 or 500ADAT, you can connect N22H into their C.A.S.T. input connectors and then receive balanced input sources from N22H's combi inputs directly at the audio interface's inputs ready for recording and processing. That same cat 5 C.A.S.T. connection also transmits a stereo monitor mix generated by the 500R8/500ADAT down the same cat 5 cable and directly into N22Hs high-powered headphone amplifier and dual 1/4" jack line outputs for monitoring and reamping.

Standalone Reference-Quality Headphone Amplifier

N22H can be used as a standalone headphone amplifier for studio and stage when no C.A.S.T. connection is available by connecting stereo line output sources directly into N22H's Inputs and switching headphone source selector switch from C.A.S.T. to In 1&2.

The headphone amp of N22H is the same reference-quality, high-current design that can be found on Cranborne Audio's flagship 500R8 Audio Interface and it can be powered using a standard 9v battery or an external 9v power supply. With 0.33 Ohm output impedance, up to 500mA of power per headphone, and low distortion (THD: 0.0003%, 1kHz) signal path, N22H's headphone amp provides clean amplification with enough volume to drive any set of headphones.

A palm-sized headphones powerhouse, N22H is the perfect compliment for those looking to build their studio around 500R8/500ADAT or create an unmatched audio distribution system for reducing clutter in their studio whilst increasing signal integrity, flexibility, and deployment convenience.

Product Features

• Two combi jack inputs
• Two 1/4" jack outputs
• 1/4" & 1/8" headphone outputs
• Reference-quality, high power headphone amp with level control
• Headphone amplifier "Source" switch for C.A.S.T or standalone operation
• Mono/Stereo width switch for headphone output
• 9v battery compartment (5 hours running time w/low impedance headphones. 12 hours with high impedance IEM earbuds)
• Advanced connectivity with 500R8, 500ADAT, and Camden EC2

Cranborne N22H Reference Quality Headphone Amplifier

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