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The London Fog is a tape style delay with four unique types of tape machines in one pedal. Choose from new, old, vintage, or dual tape programs to get the perfect amount of saturation, wow & flutter, age, and tone. Also select between forward, reverse, or both forward & reverse delay playback directions. The main features of the London Fog are:


- four unique tape programs

- play in forward, reverse, or both at the same time

- unique playback speed control of the tape head degrades or cleans up the tone while offering pitch shifting as well

- trail spillover (between presets and tape programs)

- 3 savable presets to save your favorite sounds (up to 20 via MIDI)

- full MIDI control (knobs, settings, switches, tempo etc.)

- true stereo inputs and outputs

Coffee Shop Pedals London Fog Tape Delay

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