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1981 Inventions LVL Full-Range Overdrive Effect Pedal.

The 1981 Inventions LVL Full-Range Overdrive represents the culmination of a four-year collaborative effort with John Snyder of Electronic Audio Experiments, marking only the second official release from the sought-after boutique manufacturer. This professional, low-gain device confidently carves its own path in the overdrive domain, showcasing a unique blend of subtle clipping and op-amp push that results in a sound and gain structure distinctly its own.

This pedal is a remarkable low-gain stage tool, designed with meticulous attention to detail, embodying the ethos of 1981 Inventions. It not only thrives with guitars but also performs exceptionally well with bass, extending its tonal versatility. The LVL Full-Range Overdrive is the embodiment of the perfect blend between innovation and tradition that guitarists crave, making it a must-have addition to any serious pedal collection.

1981 LVL

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