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Warm Audio makes two lines of cable - Premier and Professional - in order to offer the largest number of options possible in two different price ranges. Both lines take advantage of Switzerland-based Gotham AG's state-of-the-art construction, offering absolutely stellar audio performance, near-perfect signal transfer and the ultimate in reliability (which is why they both feature a lifetime warranty). Both cable lines produce fabulous results, but the Premier line adds above-and-beyond features like gold-plated connectors, four-conductor Starquad construction for powerful rejection of EMI, and Double-Reussen shielding for increased rejection of RFI. There simply is no better-sounding or more reliable cable on the planet, and Warm Cables don't come with a gold-plated price tag - these are wires that everyone can afford!

Premier Series XLRf-TRSm Cable Details

Connector Type: XLRf/TRS
Colour: Black/Gold

Cable Diameter: 1/4" (6.3mm)
Colour: Black
Jacket Material: Flexible PVC, Woven Nylon

Conductor Wires
Material: Standard Bare Copper Wires
Diameter: 22 AWG (0.6mm)
Twisting: Four Core Twisted Together, Star Quad

Shield 1: k6160 Polyester Non-woven Thermally Bonded Copper Coated
Shield 2: Bare Copper Wires
Coverage: 100%

Length Options
Prem-XLRf-TRSm-3: 3' (0.9 meters)
Prem-XLRf-TRSm-6: 6' (1.8 meters)

Warm Audio Premier XLRf-TRSm 3ft

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