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Rushead Max Bass is a straight-forward, easy to use headphone amplifier for bass guitars. Inside you'll find the heat of the world's most famous amplifiers, each with a full range  of  timbre  adjustment. From sheer cleannatural sound, to toasty heavy overdrive tone, we bring them all together just for you. Amps love effects. Rushead Max Bass also hooks you up with multi-mode, switchable modulation, accompanied with echo and reverb effect module to give your performance that A-list tone.
A special designed lithium battery is for powering the amp and bringing you over five hours of continuous use charged by USB. An AUX IN jack bestows upon you the right to jam on your favorite tracks.



●  5-knob  hi-def  tone  shaping  control
●  AMP  module  containing  clean,  overdrive  and  distortion  amp  models,  based  on        world-class  bass  amplifiers
●  Switchable  MOD  module  with  chorus,  tremolo  and  flanger  effects
●  Switchable  AMBIENT  module  with  reverb  and  echo  effects
●  Aux  input  for  jamming  along  with  any  audio  player
●  Playing  anytime,  anywhere  for  up  to  5  hours
●  Onboard  USB  charger

Valeton RH-101 Rushhead Max Bass Pocket Guitar Amp

C$59.00 Regular Price
C$49.00Sale Price
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