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Filterscape 1.5: A trio of plug-ins with morphing EQ

At the core of all three plugins is the distinctive EQ, capable of seamlessly transitioning between 8 different "snapshots". Each EQ band’s frequency and amplitude can be dynamically modulated, even from different sources for each snapshot! With a sleek and future-proof new design, Filterscape has become more visually appealing and more comfortable to use.


Originally published in 2004, Filterscape was u-he's very first cross-platform, multi-format plugin. An important milestone for u-he as a brand, it quickly became a staple in the arsenal of many musicians. Now upgraded with modern technology and ready for tomorrow's tasks, we're once again showing our commitment to maintaining our product line. Filterscape may have been overlooked in recent years, but no longer!

Upgrading the inner workings

The new multiband EQ is based on an analogue model which has been optimized for rapid modulation, resulting in significantly improved audio quality when pushed to the limits.

The filter section has been expanded, introducing three new analogue filter models that offer beautifully smooth drive and resonance characteristics.

Multi-band morphing EQ

A unique feature of Filterscape VA is its polyphonic morphing EQ. Use it to animate your sounds with comb-filters, vowel-like formants, barberpole phasers and much more. EQ bands can be individually modulated at the snapshot level as well as globally.

Snapshot morphing

Smoothly transition between up to 8 different EQ settings: either manually, in auto-mode or using any of the available modulation sources. Automate these snapshots in your DAW to suit different sections of your track.

Oscillator wavetables

For each of the 2 oscillators you can pick one out of 15 wavetables (from classic analogue to more unusual spectra) and modulate the wavetable position with a range of mod sources. We have added 6 new wavetables to the original selection. Phase modulation and FM allow you to further expand the sonic palette.

Multi-mode filter

We have added 9 new filter types which are modeled on analogue circuits. This design is far superior to the legacy version in terms of character and audio-rate modulation fidelity. The filter section also sports a drive section for that extra quantum of grit and warmth.



  • 2 spectral oscillators with 15 waveform options including wavetables
  • EQ identical to Filterscape FX, but polyphonic!
  • Ring modulation, hard sync
  • Sub-oscillator with 3 waveforms
  • Noise generator
  • 3 LFOs: 1 global, 2 per-voice
  • 3 envelope generators with fall/rise and 4 shape modes
  • Combined arpeggiator / sequencer
  • Multimode filter: lowpass, bandpass, highpass
  • Polyphonic, duophonic or monophonic (retrigger or legato)
  • 2 effects: delay, chorus
  • Overhauled + expanded factory library - the 200+ new VA presets make use of the new waveforms and filters

Tech Specs



OS X Mac OS X 10.10 or newer

Memory: 1 GB

Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AU, AAX



Windows Windows 7 or newer

Memory: 1 GB

Plugins: VST-2, VST-3, AAX

u-He Filterscape