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Aparillo is very special breed of synthesizer which will deliver powerful textural and organic sounds , extracted directly from the micro biotics of synthesis.Aparillo is based on two interacting FM Synthesizers, capable of forming the most complex timbres. The signal generator has been enriched with fine DSP spices like Jitter, Brightness and Formant/Waveshaping, followed by a free-signal flow Filter/Spatial Comb device, flowing into a polyphonic Auto Pan, the obligatory Delay and our finest Reverb algorithm yet.The synthesizer is mostly 16-voice-unison, meaning you can play one note at a time, consisting of 16 individual synth voices. Combined with the polyphonic double LFO which also includes FM, this brings you the complex sounds, either of the atonal or of the super harmonic kind, because there is a scale generator in there, capable of the most dramatic orchestrations or just a perfect golden ratio unison.The Arpeggiator adds another layer to the sound, extracting synth voices on its own and playing them back by different rules, mostly based on what the LFO is doing. And then there is the Orbit, being a one-touch macro-controller for the whole sound engine, that finally gives you unlimited control over new grounds of sound manipulation.

Sugar Bytes Aparillo

  • Licenses may take up to 24 hours to process and be delivered

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