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The DM2 TNT lets you choose between a moderate +15dB or explosive +30dB of gain with an ultra-high impedance input and eight load settings to perfectly match any passive microphone. This makes it perfect for delivering clean and clear results for podcasting, recording, and live sound.With a sophisticated class-A design and specially-selected high-grade FETs, sE active inline preamps have vastly lower output impedance and nearly half the noise of anything else on the market. Additionally, the gain provided is always consistent regardless of the connected load, thanks to the DM2's eight switchable impedance setting and the DM1's dedicated buffer amplifiers.Whether youre a podcaster, recording engineer, or running live sound, sE inline preamps are the perfect way to boost the signal from a passive mic, reduce the likelihood of interference, and provide significantly improved level to your preamp all without adding noise or coloration. Reliable operation even in demanding on-stage applications in difficult environments is ensured by a roadworthy and slim all-metal design, robust construction, and high-quality manufacturing standards.For optimum results, we recommend you plug the DM2 directly into your microphones output. If necessary, a cable can be used between the microphone and the DM2 - but the shorter the cable, the better the overall performance will be.Features• Switchable, clean and consistent gain from moderate +15dB to explosive +30dB• designed for neutral, balanced sound quality with minimal noise• explore eight settings ranging from an unconventionally low 50 Ω to stunningly high 10 MΩ to match your preamp with any mic accurately• two gain levels for even higher flexibility on various sources• ruthlessly boosts the signal independent from load impedance or cable lengthSystem Requirements• Requires Phantom Power (48 V only)• The DM2 does not provide any Phantom Power, therefore: *• It works only with passive microphones (which do not require Phantom Power): passive microphones i.e. most dynamic microphones, passive ribbon microphones, ceramic/piezo transducers*• It does not work with active microphones (which require Phantom Power): i.e. most condenser microphones, active ribbon microphonesSpecifications• Frequency Range:10 Hz - 120,000 Hz (-0.3 dB)• Gain: 15 dB / 30 dB• Max output level (0.5% THD): 9.5 dBV (3.0 V)• Output noise level: 1 μV @ 15 dB / 6.6 μV @ 30 dB• Powering: 48 Volts according to IEC 61938• Electrical impedance: 135 Ohms• Recommended load impedance: >1k Ohms• Current consumption: 3.1 mA• Connectivity: 3-pin male/female XLR connector• Dimensions: Diameter: 19 mm (0.75 in.) Length: 95.5 mm (3.76 in.)• Weight: 80 g (2.82 oz.)

sE Electronics DM2 TNT Active Preamplifier

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