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Subscribe to Reason+ and get the tools to sound like nobody else. With the new Reason+ subscription, you get the Reason Rack plugin and standalone software along with every single synth, drum machine, Player, effect device, guitar amp model, and sample that Reason Studios has ever released–and will ever release. That's over 70 plugin devices right off the bat, plus weekly new Sound Packs.

• Fully-fledged virtual instrument rack plugin and music production software.

• Instant access to over 70 world-class instruments, audio and MIDI effects, and utilities–every single Rack Extension device that Reason Studios has ever created.

• All future Rack Extensions from Reason Studios and product updates to Reason are included.

• New Sound Packs added weekly.

• 28 premium instruments: synths, drum machines, samplers, and more.

• 31 audio effects: modulation, reverbs, guitar amp models, mix and mastering tools.

• 17 MIDI effects and utilities–Reason's unique Players and much more.

• Sound Bank with more than 32,000 device patches, loops, and samples.

• Bigger than the sum of its parts: Reason's modular ecosystem allows all devices to control one another, giving endless creative options.

• Use Reason as an instrument and effect plugin in any DAW. Or use it as a DAW in itself with full audio and MIDI capabilities.

• Ever expandable rack of instruments and effects: thousands of Rack Extensions can be added.

• Easy to learn, yet as deep as you want to go.

Reason+ Plus 1 Year Subscription

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