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The Herculean Deluxe Overdrive is latest member of the Mythos lineup of drive pedals. Combining a revised version of the Herculean and Runestone circuits, this two-in-one pedal gives you a huge variety of sounds and can be your standalone drive for nearly any gig. This is your drive section.

The Herculean side is voice to be reminiscent of the iconic "D-Style" amplifiers, with it's Clarity and Bass controls you can have thick syrupy leads, clear and defined boosted tones, or smokey low gain sounds. 

The Runestone side is our take on the classic BB circuit. Unlike most versions of that circuit, the Runestone has plenty of output and has been tuned so it truly is "transparent". Keeping your guitar and amps personality intact, its Voice knob allows you to shift the sound from bright/brash to mellow and smooth. 

The face of the pedal features an order switcher that allows you to change which circuit comes first in the signal path. Both sides of this unit operate independently from each other to create interesting stacking combinations. Internally the Herculean Deluxe Overdrive has a 4-way dip switch allowing players the choice of 3 clipping options per side. The Runestone side features no clipping, soft or hard clipping and the Herculean features no clipping, stock soft clipping, and "Zen" Mosfet/NOS Germanium diode clipping. Lastly the Runestone side has an internal Presence trimmer to further shape the top end for maximum flexibility. 

Mythos Herculean Deluxe Overdrive

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